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Speaker Spotlight, Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship

Kristen Hadeed, Founder of Student Maid

On Monday CEO students had class time at their host business, the Six Mile Regional Library. They watched a speaker spotlight video from the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship about Kristen Hadeed who started her business, while attending college and managed to transform her company into something great. Kristen Hadeed was always into creating little shops and playing with money and cash registers as a child. She transformed this passion and skill into a cleaning business that has 75 - 100 employees.

Kristen uses her business to not only support herself but to better each and every college student that works for her. She has multiple programs for her employees including leadership classes. If you are interested in learning more about her adventures in life, check out her new book released on October 10 titled “Permission to Screw Up.”

Thank you, Kristen Hadeed, for sharing your story and thank you, Austin Brooks, and the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship, for providing us with this speaker spotlight opportunity.

Recognize Your Connections, Acknowledge and Respect Them

Donnie Wilson, President Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship

Students welcomed Donnie Wilson, the President of Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship, to their classroom to talk about his life story, his business and his journey to Midland. After starting his first business at the age of 17, he entered the world of business ignorant of how to maintain a business and keep his income statements balanced. He told the class that it took him ten years to learn what we will in a year of CEO. Donnie stressed the importance of networking, to “recognize your connections, acknowledge and respect them.”

After discussing his personal history and how to work in a business, he told the students more about the products he created. Entering into the Wendy Schmit oil clean up challenge, he exceeded the requirements to qualify in the contest. A record 4,670 gallons of oil was cleaned out of the water per minute. Donnie revolutionized oil cleanup technology. 

The Granite City CEO students thank you, Donnie Wilson, for sharing your knowledge and being the captain of CEO across America.

Six Miles from St. Louis

Six Mile Museum Tour and Work Day

Stan Meyers, Cheryl Laughlin and Sharon Engelke invited the CEO class to the historic homestead of the Old Six Mile Museum. They shared the history of the two hundred year old home, located six miles from St. Louis. In 1837, it was a general store, post office, and a stage coach stop that provided travelers a room for the night. In 1984 a non-profit historical society was formed and the home became a museum, after being owned by the Emmert and Zippel families. The museum has a small library to borrow books and a large garden area offering vegetables for a donation. 

After a tour through the museum, students worked to help clean up the property preparing it for a vendor fair on Saturday. The lawn was mowed, tomatoes and eggplant were picked, wire fencing and poles were moved along with dusting artifacts in the museum. 

The museum is maintained by volunteers. The greenhouse was built by the Boys Scouts and the Girl Scouts provided funding for a new roof. Stan, Cheryl and Sharon are always looking for volunteers to help protect and improve the museum. If interested, stop by the museum or contact them on their Facebook page, Old Six Mile Museum.

Thank you, Stan, Cheryl and Sharon for your insightful and historical tour. The CEO class enjoyed your enthusiasm for our local history. 

Tina Besserman, Realtor and Broker

Century 21 Bailey & Co.

First Granite City CEO Golf Tournament

Legacy Golf Course

Granite City CEO Board hosted a golf tournament to raise awareness and funds for the CEO program on Saturday at the Legacy Golf Course in Granite City. CEO students, Ashlynn Merz and Brian Bauman, helped their facilitator, Karen Greenwald, prepare and cook food for all the golfers on Saturday. 

On behalf of our Granite City CEO Board and the CEO students, thank you to all our hole sponsors, donators and players for your support and commitment for CEO.

Student Journal Highlights for this week

Monday I was unable to attend class I was very sick. Tuesday we were visited by Donnie Wilson. Little did I know he invented a machine that helped save millions of animals. Donnie and his crew made an oil spill skimmer, that was used during the BP oil spill in April, 2010.

Donnie started out as a pipeline welder with his father, this later helped him have goals as a entrepreneur. He also came up with an idea to burn the oil in a controlled manner. Both of Donnies ideas were a huge success to help clean the oil spill. What I learned from Donnie is to set big goals for yourself, because there is no goal to high. Donnie has inspired me to set big goals for myself and to follow those goals.

Wednesday we visited the Six Mile Museum on Maryville Road. I’ve driven by this historic site my whole life not knowing what this was. This was one of the first houses in Granite City that is still standing. I understand now there’s a lot of history in this one house and more people need to know about it. The museum is kept by volunteers that spend their own time to keep this site looking nice. I liked helping them with things they need and I wrote my name, and number down for whenever they need extra help.

Thursday we visited Century 21, this was a good experience. I had little knowledge about the real estate business until Thursday, and I thought all they did was sell houses. Real estate agents work very hard, they have to find exactly what their clients want. Sometimes they even have to go out of their way to fix up houses or search extremely hard to get their clients what they wish. I also thought they all made a lot of money; this may not be the case, it all ranges from how many houses they sell. They make the amount of money they deserve, if they work hard then they get payed good. I learned it’s all about location when it comes to selling houses. I’d someday like to learn more about the business.

Adam  Marmion

Adam Marmion
Saturday, September 30, 2017Learn More About Adam

The past week in CEO was of course, a great one. I am really enjoying the class. I love waking up every day and having something to look forward to. I look at the city I am from so differently and it has only been under 2 months. I have met so many inspiring people; this class has made me realize what a cool industrial down Granite City really is.

Monday we stayed in class and watched a video presented by The Midland Institute for all of the CEO students. Kristen Hadeed, an entrepenuer, talked about how she started a cleaning business after she saw a pair of jeans she wanted. Student Maid is her business for the University of Florida. She is all about making mistakes and learning how to get back up from them. Mistakes are made in our everyday lives; it is all about how you turn the mistake into a learning expeirence.

Tuesday Donnie Wilson came to speak to our class. He shared his story us on how he started a business at only 17 years old. He went on to talk about his invention of an oil skimmer in 1990 to how the business is doing today. In 2010, his company won one million dollars in an oil spill recovery competition, which is amazing. He has taken a lot of risks, I have learned quickly that is what business is all about. He was given 90 days to create something that has never been used. He is now the number one manufacturer in the country and number 3 in the world for his oil skimmer. Donnie said to be good in business, “always be looking to solve problems, you will do very well.”

Wednesday we went to the Six Mile Museum on Maryville Road. Before Wednesday I had never visited it but I always knew it is a huge part of Granite City's history. It was such a neat house and so old. There have been so many generations in the house. They are still taking such great care of it. We helped do some chores around the house, pick vegetables in the garden and clean up the shed getting it ready for a vendor fair. I am glad we could help as a class. It was a very neat experience.

Autumn Reynolds

Autumn Reynolds
Saturday, September 30, 2017Learn More About Autumn

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