Planning and Executing our Chili Sale and Darin Chiropractic Visit

CEO Business Visits

Planning for our Chili Sale

Jon Roderick of Jerry's Cafeteria

Monday and Tuesday students were working out and planning the details of our chili sale at our Warrior home football game. Jon Roderick came to class Monday and briefly on Tuesday. He offered to make the chili, suggested the method he thought would work best to package it, sell it and vend it at the football game and helped students figure out the price to sell it. 

Brian Bauman, the CEO of the class, led the discussion and students worked together and decided the logistics of the set up of a vendor stand and tent, tables, coolers, and signs. Nicole Woolard of Push Media Solutions spoke to the class and created an event on Facebook with all the details. She made suggestions for other social media opportunities. 

Thank you, Jon Roderick and Nicole Woolard for sharing your morning with CEO and for all your suggestions and help.  We appreciate you. 

Rewards Far Exceed the Costs

Dr. Christina Darin, Darin Chiropractic

Dr. Christina Darin of Darin Chiropractic shared with students what is was like growing up in a small town and how her plans after high school kept changing.  After she completed massage therapy school, she decided she wanted to do more to help people and enrolled in Logan Chiropractic College. She graduated from Logan in 2008, which was the worst time to obtain financing for a new business. She worked with the Small Business Association and eventually got approved for a loan. She worked with other chiropractors before opening her own practice in Granite City four years ago. 

Darin Chiropractic offers many services at her business and Dr. Darin is passionate about helping people improve their health and well being. She is also passionate about giving back to our community and recently became an investor in the Granite City CEO program. She is hosting a Ladies Night on November 15 and is a supporter of the Marching Warriors, the Granite City APA, Shriner's Charities and the Special Olympics of Southern Illinois. She was recognized for being voted in the Top Ten for patient satisfaction in the State of Illinois.

Dr. Darin informed students about medical insurance, co-pays and coinsurance and the difference between employees, associates, and independent contractors. She told students the rewards of helping people improve their health far exceed the costs of doing business. She uses a software management system to control and update her stats each day, week and month, which helps her manage her business and her team. 

Dr. Christina Darin, CEO appreciates your time and commitment to CEO. Thank you for investing in our young adults of Granite City. 

CEO Chili Sale October 20

Warrior Football Game

Lat week students met with Mr. DePew, principal of Granite City High School, to talk about the possibility of selling chili and the logistics of set up. Students completed a district fundraiser activity form for Mr. DePew and talked to the Band Parents' Association President about selling chili in a separate stand. The Band Parents' Association runs and works the concession stands at the football games. Everyone approved the chili sale for CEO.

The students met and labeled the brown paper bags with a Jerry's Cafeteria and Granite City CEO sticker on Thursday, after Scott Schank designed and printed the stickers and a banner to hang on the canopy stand. Morgan Tucker, the COO, organized the students working the event and hosted students at her house. 

On Friday students began setting up the canopy, signage and tables at 4:30 with the coolers and bowls, bags, spoons, napkins and cheese donated by 1st MidAmerica Credit Union. The Bank of Edwardsville donated the bottles of water. For $5, customers received a bowl of chili, a spoon, crackers, cheese cup, and napkin in a brown paper bag along with a bottle of water. Students worked together, organizing, filling orders, vending in the bleachers and enjoying a bowl of chili. It was a good night and a success! Our profit or loss will be figured on Monday. 

Thank you to Jon Roderick of Jerry's Cafeteria for partnering with CEO and providing the chili and other items. We appreciate your time, advice and expertise. Thank you to The Bank of Edwardsville for providing the bottles of water and to 1st MidAmerica Credit Union for the shredded cheese, which was a bonus. Thank you to Charlie Gitto's for supplying us with styrofoam bowls and small cups for the chili and cheese. CEO appreciates your support and generousity. 

Student Journal Highlights for this week

This week was a very busy week. Throughout the week the class is being hosted at the Nicol Financial Services and we discussed our chili event for the home football game on Friday October 20th. The class came up with this idea and had to figure out what to do on our own. We had many things we had to get ready for our chili event such as getting the chili, napkins, crackers, spoons, and even a container to put the chili in. This event was such a time consuming thing to do.

On Tuesday, October 17th Nicole Woolard came in to suggest ideas and help us with this event. Nicole is the person who publishes information about Granite City all over social media and wanted to help us publish our chili event. Ms. Woolard helped us figure out what the price would be if we included a water with every chili we sell, which came out to be $5.00.

A big help came from Jon Roderick with his supplies from Jerry’s Cafeteria. John helped us with getting all of the supplies together and getting an estimate of what the cost would be to throw this event. Jon also supplied the wonderful chili for this event for such a reasonable price. A huge thank you to Mr. Roderick for all of his hard work and for helping the CEO program pull this event off. The chili event was not the most successful but we did profit a few hundred dollars and are very grateful for that. The class came together and did an amazing job for this event!

Aulbrey Munro

Aulbrey Munro
Sunday, October 22, 2017Learn More About Aulbrey

On Monday October 16th we met at Nicol Financial and had Jon Roderick, Head Chef at Jerry's Cafeteria, come speak to us about the logistics of the chili fundraiser. Mr. Roderick gave us a lot of great ideas with the chili fundraiser and helped us calculate what our goals should be. Mr Roderick came up with the brilliant idea of putting the chili in brown paper bags, and vending it in the stands like they do at Blues and Cardinals games. After talking to us and crunching some numbers on how much chili we needed Mr. Roderick proposed us an offer. The offer was that we pay $12 per gallon, we will get the chili, crackers, spoons, brown paper bags, and gloves. He also told us that if we handle and serve the chili properly the restaurant will buy back any chili we don't use, so nobody loses any money.

On Tuesday Mr. Roderick returned to Nicol Financial to take some pictures and to answer follow up questions that we had. After Mr. Roderick left, Mrs. Greenwald had us do a one page business plan for the chili fundraiser. While filling out the business plan I noticed how important working with Jerry's Cafeteria was. Jerry’s helped us succeed because Jerry's Cafeteria is a well known and trusted restaurant in the Granite City area. After filling out the business plan, Nicole Woolard from the Granite City Business Foundry joined us to help us market our fundraiser. She made us an event page on facebook to help us advertise our chili sale.

On Wednesday we took a break from organizing our chili fundraiser for a business visit to Darin Chiropractic. On arrival we met Dr. Darin, the owner or Darin Chiropractic. Dr. Darin started off by introducing us to her dog she keeps in her office, Lulu. After meeting Lulu, Dr. Darin spoke to us about where she came from and how she ended up in Granite City. Dr. Darin started out by talking about how she was from a little town where the closest thing was a 30 minute drive to the next city over. She talked about how she graduated high school with less than 100 people in her graduating class. The next thing she talked about was how she was going to school for massage therapy, then went to a chiropractor for the first time and decided that was what she wanted to do. She talked about having over $250,000 in student loans and she said eventually it was like she was using monopoly money, because she just signed the dotted line without ever looking at the amount on the loan. She talked to us about her early employment as a chiropractor out of school and what it taught her. The next thing she talked to us about was the difference between copay and coinsurance, copay is a flat payment when you go to the doctor. Coinsurance can be like 20% of what your insurance covers. If your insurance covers 200 dollars in treatment, and your coinsurance is at a 20% rate, you would have to pay $40 for that doctor visit. I learned about the importance of reading all the text in important documents.

Friday was our chili sale,  and we arrived at the football field at 4:30 to set up our chili stand. We sold a lot of chili when the doors opened and then sales slowed as the night went on. Vending in the stands didn't work as well as we hoped, selling only 4 to 6 bags of chili in the stands. Later in the night Jon took 10 gallons of chili back to the restaurant to put in coolers so it stays safe to eat, so he can sell it to customers. Early numbers show a profit of around $300 after expenses.

I would like to thank Jon Roderick of Jerry`s Cafeteria, The Bank of Edwardsville, 1st MidAmerica Creidt Union and the staff of Granite City High School for allowing us to hold this fundraiser.

Jacob Roderick

Jacob Roderick
Sunday, October 22, 2017Learn More About Jacob

On Monday and Tuesday we were in class. Both days we talked about how we are going to set up our chili sale on Friday at senior night for football. On Monday we discussed who was getting supplies and how much it was going to be, which was a lot harder than I expected it to be. There were a lot of bumps we met and after getting it sorted out we figured up how many gallons of chili we needed, how much it would be, what the bowls and labels would look like, and what would come with all of it. It was fun to hear everyone's thought and opinions on the topics we discussed as well. Though a lot of people disagreed with other people, we still worked it out as a team.

On Tuesday we talked about how the logo would look on the labels and where the event would be advertised. Though these two days were in class, we were so busy and had a lot to discuss. We also but heads so it made it a little more difficult to get everything done. We finally got it all planned out and set the date to work on it all. Thursday we would all meet at Morgan’s house and label the bags and get everything together and make it look nice and ready to go for the football game.

On Wednesday we went to Darin Chiropractic. Dr. Christy Darin was very nice and told us about her back story and how she got to where she was today. She told us about her very busy schedule in college, which kind of scared me. She showed us a chart of a bunch of numbers, which was sort of confusing but after she explained it, it seemed simple and very helpful to see how many people were coming and how much money they were making or losing. Though being a chiropractor may seem simple, Dr. Christy Darin went through a lot to be where she is and she has a pretty busy schedule. It was great speaking with her.

Although we had a short school week, only having Monday through Wednesday of class was a full week for the CEO class. Monday we went back to planning our chili event to raise money for our class business. Jon Roderick of Jerry’s Cafeteria in Granite City came to our class to discuss many things, materials, profit, break even, who we were trying to market to, etc. Jon also spent his Friday morning making gallons of chili, and we appreciate him for that.

Tuesday during class we continued discussing our event. Nicole Woollard had heard about our plans and offered her help on how to market the event. She helped create a facebook event and gave us some helpful advice on many different ways to go about marketing what we were doing. We would have not been able to pull off the event without the people who helped and donated. Thank you to Jon Roderick for giving us some materials, chili and being problematic with us, Charlie Gitto’s downtown St. Louis for the containers for the chili and cheese, and The Bank of Edwardsville for donating 10 cases of water.

Wednesday we went on a business visit to see Dr. Christi Darin at Darin Chiropractic on Johnson Road in Granite City. She talked about the benefits of being a business owner, bringing her dog to work and making her own schedule. She seems to be a great chiropractor and all around a great business owner. I learned so much from her.

Monday we met at Nicol Financial Services, which is going to be our new meeting place instead of the Six Mile Library. Jon Roderick from Jerry’s Cafeteria joined us to help us plan to sell chili on Friday at our football game. To start off we had to find out the attendance at a football game. We found out there is around 1200 attendees, so we decided a realistic goal was to sell 250 bowls of chili. Jon offered to make the chili as long as we paid him and gave Jerry’s credit. He told us he could make the chili at twelve dollars for every gallon, which included crackers and bags to put the cups in. Jon ended up preparing for us 25 gallons of chili to sell.

On Tuesday we came up with a business plan to sell chili on Friday. I thought this was a good idea so we could organize our thoughts and plans. We knew going into this the factors and risks that were involved. First getting permission from the school to even be able to sell and then to persuade the band parents that we wouldn’t affect their sales. We also had to take in the weather as being a factor on whether or not people would want to eat chili. After discussing our business plan, we came up with ways to advertise this event. In order for people to know we were selling chili we had to advertise and one of the ways we did this was through social media with the hlep of Nicole Woolard. We put this event on Facebook and made banners to hang up during the football game. We also had an announcement during school and during the game letting everyone know that chili was being sold.

On Wednesday we met at Darin Chiropractic. I was really interested in Dr. Darin’s profession. I’ve always thought what chiropractors do is so cool. I learned about the business and how important a business plan is. Dr. Darin taught me about customer satisfaction and how that should be the first thing you think about rather than money. I also had no idea how many years of schooling it takes to be a chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Darin for inviting us to her business and sharing her story with us.

Thursday and Friday there was no school. We met on Thursday to put labels on all of the bags we would be selling on Friday. On Friday we sold our chili at the football game and it was very successful. I was happy that our idea had worked and that we made money for our CEO program.

Adam  Marmion

Adam Marmion
Sunday, October 22, 2017Learn More About Adam

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