Recognizing a Profit, a Mentor, a Chiropractor and CEO at our Chamber Event

Recognizing a Profit and Planning for Class Business

Students were excited to determine their profit from our Jerry's Cafeteria chili sale that was held last Friday at the football game. The class used the information that Jeff Smith presented in August, "Basic Income Statements,” to prepare an income statement and calculate the profit after determining the revenue and expenses. The CEO students realized a profit of $327 from their chili sale, which will provide additional capital for our class business. 

Thank you to Jon Roderick and Jerry's Cafeteria for partnering with CEO to provide this opportunity to learn and grow from this event. We also appreciate our other supporters for this event, which were:  The Bank of Edwardsville, First MidAmerica Credit Union, and Charlie Gitto's.

Keep Mobility and Independence for Life

Dr. Laura Shipley, Shipley Chiropractic

The goal of Dr. Laura Shipley is to keep her patients mobile and independent for life was the message to CEO students on Tuesday. The Shipley family has been serving the Granite City area for 55 years and Dr. Laura is the 3rd generation and has been practicing for 11 years, transitioning to owner after her father retired. She didn’t plan on becoming a chiropractor until her senior year of college and then she enrolled in Logan Chiropractic College. 

Dr. Laura and her employees focus on helping every patient have the best mobility and strength that can be achieved. Shipley Chiropractic has many services to offer from adjustments, on site X-Rays, physical therapy, body messages plus more. After discussing the anatomy of the spine and spinal segments, and the advantages of her business, students learned more about the FORM method for conversation, which is:

  1. Family: What their personal life is like and how you should treat that individual in situations.
  2. Occupation: The career someone has, and what that says about their character.
  3. Recreation: What that person does outside of work, hobbies,and skills.
  4. Message: What is the point of the conversation? What can you do to help them or vice versa?

Dr. Shipley is also the president of the Granite City Area Business Foundry. The Business Foundry hopes to create an environment in Granite City for businesses to thrive. The organization is made up of small business owners throughout Granite City, which meets every week at the Six Mile Regional Library. The meetings are meant to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each business and the community as a whole, and to improve upon them.

Thank you, Dr. Laura Shipley, for allowing the CEO class to come to your business and learn about the methods you use to help people. We enjoyed learning about how to stay healthy, and how to communicate with other individuals.

What's Right, Right Here!

The Chamber of Commerce Southwestern Madison County

The Granite City CEO Program was recognized in the Organization Category for Shine the Light Awards, What's Right, Right Here! at the Southwestern Madison County Chamber of Commerce 77th Annual Meeting on October 26th at the Gateway Convention Center. A special plaque was presented to CEO Board Chair Marc Voegele, CEO Board Members James Amos, Kevin Nicol, Tina Besserman, Jeff Smith, Adam Saltsgaver and Facilitator Karen Greenwald. 

Thank you to Rosemarie Brown and the Chamber of Commerce for a special evening of celebrating Shine the Light Awards. 

Planning, Organizing and Exploring Options for our Class Business

St. Gregory Armenian Community Center

Students of the CEO class began planning and organizing for our next event, our class business and decided to plan and host the fourth annual, "The Best of Granite City.”  Students are deciding how to improve the event and create an atmosphere that promotes networking in our Granite City community.

The Granite City CEO class discussed many variables of the annual fundraiser, including the location and marketing techniques they will use to promote this community wide event. On Thursday students visited the Southwestern Illinois College campus in Granite City to explore ideas for a location and to determine the amount of space. Students visited St. Gregory's Armenian Community Center on Thursday to compare the venues. Art Asadorian gave the students a tour and talked about the options, logistics and the contract.  Aztek Cleaning Services provided information on how they set up the hall after cleaning. 

CEO appreciates Art Asadorian for sharing information on St. Gregory's Armenian Community Center. 

Mentor Match Morning

CEO Board Members Kate Kite and Cindy Gagich

On Friday CEO Board Members Kate Kite and Cindy Gagich organized and described to all participants the process for the mentor match morning, which was a three minute speed talking and rotating method. The students moved around talking with each potential mentor for three minutes. The students and the potential mentors ranked which persons they would like to connect with throughout the year.

After the process, the mentees and mentors wrote down their top five choices. Cindy Gagich and Kate Kite paired up everyone according to their choices. Once the mentors were chosen, the students met with their mentors and exchanged contact information.

Thank you to our CEO mentors for sharing your time and experience with CEO. CEO students look forward to interacting with their mentors and sharing information. Thank you Cindy Gagich and Kate Kite and our Six Mile Regional Library for hosting our CEO mentor match morning. 

Student Journal Highlights for this week

On Monday we stayed in class figuring our profit and loss from our chili event. I can say I am proud of our class for working so hard and putting the event together in such a short amount of time. The hard work really paid off. We also discussed planning another event, one that will take even more hard work and strategic planning.

Tuesday we met at Shipley Chiropractic. There is so much history involved with the business. Laura Shipley is the third generation owner of her business. It started small in her grandpa’s garage and many years and generations later it is now a well known business in Granite City. She brought a lot of attention to the things we needed to know about our body and how chiropractic treatment helps us, as well as going over the business aspect of it all.

Wednesday we began more planning of our new event and we looked at a couple venues before we headed back to school. There is so much you have to think about before any decision is made. It takes clear communication and compromising before any real decision can be made.

Friday was a huge day for the CEO class. At 7:20 am and the SMR library to meet our mentors. We were instructed to dress our best and come in with good attitudes. I was so nervous and did not know what at all to expect. I was given a book named “Conquering the Ememy Named Average” by a mentor Lloyd Miller. My entire weekend was made by him giving me a book that he could have given anyone. The mentor I was paired with is Dr. Almeda Lahr-Well. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it on Friday but her resume was there for me to read. After reading about her, I was really intrigued by all the places she has traveled to and that she can speak 3 different languages. I am so very excited to meet with her.

It seems like every week of the CEO class gets better. We are doing more and more things, and although it makes my life very hectic I enjoy a challenge. Going from a couple business visits a week to planning a community event, and creating committees, it has been a great step in the future. I have been very busy because of the class, between what we are discussing now, and trying to get my business started it has been rough trying to balance CEO and the rest of the school work.

Dr. Shipley’s business visit was interesting because she taught us some of the anatomy she deals with on a daily basis. I enjoyed learning about the spine and how the central nervous system effects the function of the body. It has been my passion to learn how the body works. It's a bonus that I happen to learn a little more about it in a business class. She confirmed the suspicions I had about the effects of weight lifting on the joints, though. It can cause problems if not done properly. That includes stretching and making sure I eat right.

I have been neglecting that part of my life lately and it has started to show. I don’t feel as positive, and my body hurts like I am older then a 17 year old. I can understand Dr. Laura’s job and how she enjoys helping people. I am the same way, I wasn't born with the best genetics so I understand needing to take care of yourself, so I am glad she reminded me that my body is the most important thing, not worrying about my grades or making money. I must put my physical and mental health above social life and hanging out.

The Best of Granite City is an interesting idea but I wish there was a way we could do something different than the last years. How can we improve? By using each other’s strengths to create new ideas. The class has to work together outside of school because there is not enough time in the morning to get the stuff done we need.

Mentor morning was a first for me in many ways. I enjoyed being in a room full of people that care about my future and the future of the town that I grew up in. I have never had to present myself to a group of people and sit down and create a conversation that could be the first and last chance to impress them.

My mentor, Marc Voegele, seems like a knowledgeable man. He runs an employee management service that pairs individuals with employees. How do you start a business like that? You become a people person, perfect your speaking skills, and learn to play to certain aspects of someone's personality. I look forward to learning what I can from him and the program.

Brian Bauman

Brian Bauman
Sunday, October 29, 2017Learn More About Brian

On Monday at C.E.O. we discussed the success of the chili fundraiser and wrote a profit/loss statement. Ashlynn Merz, our C.F.O., counted all the money and after subtracting all the costs, and expenses we made a profit of $327.00. The next thing we did was talk about TREPstart Day on October 30th. Mrs. Greenwald told us what time we need to be at the school, and what we will do at TREPstart Day. She talked about how TREPstart Day is a conference with hundreds of people and a keynote speaker. She also talked about what break-out sessions are. Break-out sessions are small groups of people pulled from a large conference to discuss specific subjects.

On Tuesday we did a business visit to Shipley Chiropractic. Laura Shipley, the owner, talked to us about what it was like to take over her father's business and how she kept her father's patients through the transition. She said her father's patients would come in and he would start with them and she would finish and eventually her father started slowly leaving until eventually he was gone. Mrs. Shipley talked about why people don't go to a chiropractor like they do a dentist. She talked about how a lot of people only go see a chiropractor when they are in pain, but they don't wait till they get a cavity to go to a dentist. She talked about how your back is like a tire, if your tire is misaligned it will wobble until it eventually comes off, or pops, your back is the same way if your spine is misaligned it won't pop or break but it will eventually put you into a “repair shop”. Dr. Shipley gave us a tour of her office and explained to us why she always does x rays. She talked about finding tumors and other abnormal things just through x rays at a chiropractic visit.

On Wednesday we met ant Nicol Financial to discuss our plans for The Best of Granite City. We debated on what day we should hold the event and how much to charge businesses and determined the price of tickets.

On Thursday we talked about what day we are going to do The Best of Granite City and how we were going to change it to make it our own. We left Nicol Financial to go do a visit at SWIC and St. Gregory Hall to decide where we are going to hold The Best of Granite City. When we arrived at St. Gregory's Hall we met Art Asadorian, a previous candidate for Granite City Mayor. Art talked to us about the price and what is included in the contract. He also talked about the advantages of the hall and what the hall offers. He mentioned how the hall is the largest in the area for the price, and he talked about how St. Gregory's is a square and not an ‘L’ shape like the Elks.

Friday was our first mentor matching session. I woke up bright and early at 5:30 so I could get ready and be at the library by 7:20. On arrival we met and mingled with most of the possible mentors. We were told the rules then we started. The second person I talked to was Lloyd Miller Jr, owner of a house run woodcarving shop. I chose Lloyd to be my mentor because he understood what I wanted to do with my business. Lloyd understood what I wanted to do and the skills I possessed to see my business through. I am excited to work with Lloyd to figure out how to get this business running.

Jacob Roderick

Jacob Roderick
Sunday, October 29, 2017Learn More About Jacob

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