Reconnecting as a Team and With Our Mentors

The Nicol Foundation's Granite City CEO Scholarship Application

Kevin Nicol, CEO Board Member, The Nicol Foundation

CEO Board Member Kevin Nicol, President, The Nicol Foundation, handed out to students the application for the CEO scholarship. He talked about the necessary components and encouraged all students to apply. The scholarship application is due January 31, 2018. 

Thank you, Kevin, for this scholarship opportunity and hosting our CEO class at your businesses, The Nicol Foundation and Nicol Financial Services. CEO appreciates you. 

Team Work and Timelines

Marc Voegele, CEO Board Chair, Express Employment Professionals

CEO Board Chair Marc Voegele, President, Express Employment Professionals, kicked off our week by talking to students about his background and his experience on the Warrior State Soccer Championship Team. He stressed to students about being part of a team and doing their part for the benefit of the whole. He showed several videos of coaches, Coach Gene Baker, and Coach Lou Holtz, talk about motivation and effort. It takes team work to accomplish great things. He also talked about the importance of being on time and giving your best effort all the time. He showed students how to create a timeline with details for our upcoming event.

CEO appreciates you, Marc, for your time and commitment for our Granite City CEO program.  

Writing a Business Plan

Jo Ann May, Metro East Small Business Development Center

CEO students took advantage of their visit-free schedule this week to put together a business plan, for the fourth annual “The Best of Our Granite City Area.” On Tuesday, Jo Ann DiMaggio May, Director of the Metro East Small Business Development Center, presented the essence of a business plan and how to structure it to their specific needs. After presenting the business plan, students worked in groups and were assigned parts of the business plan to write and complete.  Jo Ann visited class again on Thursday to help all groups with their sections of the business plan. All sections were collated and read for the class. The business plan will serve as a reference for the planning of our event. 

Thank you, Jo Ann, for helping the students develop a solid outline of what they have to offer for this year's class business event. CEO appreciates you taking the time to teach CEO how to present our idea in a business plan.

written by Brian Bauman

Committee Planning and Team Building

Planning for January 30 and Flying Turtles

After working in committees to plan and make decisions for our upcoming event, "The Best of Our Granite City Area," CEO students went in the parking lot of their host business, Nicole Financial Services, to work on their ability to function as a team. The students were forced to cover the parking lot on small carpet squares called "Flying Turtles." The tricky part is if you don’t stay in contact with the flying turtles, the turtles fly away.

The primary lesson of this activity was to always work as a single unit, benefiting from each other's strengths to accomplish something you couldn't do individually. If one person was not doing their part, then the whole system fails

Aside from teamwork “Flying Turtles” showed the students that attention to detail can be the difference between success and failure. Without thinking you want to just leap from square to square, but then you leave everyone else behind. Slacking for just one second on your duties weakens the rest of the group, but staying strong and vigilant will guide you to success.

written by Brian Bauman

Mentor Connect Morning

Six Mile Regional Library

The CEO students connected with their mentors on Friday at the Six Mile Regional Library to seek advice for the upcoming class business event and their personal businesses. After setting up a business plan and tag line earlier in the week,  the young entrepreneurs needed to know what it takes to make “The Best of Our Granite City Area” happen. While enjoying breakfast provided by the library, students asked questions and bonded with their mentors, learning valuable information to be used in the future. A fun Christmas game was played and enjoyed by all. 

On behalf of the CEO class, thank you to each and every mentor for guiding our young adults in their business endeavors. Thank you to CEO Board Member Kate Kite and our Six Mile Regional Library for hosting CEO for our Mentor Connect morning. 

written by Brian Bauman

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When we are not touring local businesses, we need a place to host the class. During that time, the 0 CEO students and their Facilitator would meet at your site where they would also have guest speakers and guests from the community attend. Hosting requires a facility with internet access and adequately accommodates up to 5 people.

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