Film Everything's owner Marcus Taylor, from Anna, Illinois, shared his story and how he started his video and photography business and his desire to be his own boss. His passion for creating videos inspired him to create vlogs, and many videos for free to build his brand. He shared the not so glamorous grind to his success now and how he took every opportunity to shoot local stories and events to build his business. Hard work always pays off and he has learned to get in a morning routine to be productive. He shared helpful tips for building a business and shared his different income streams. He told students that networking is the most important way to grow your business. He informed students about his upcoming travels to shoot video and the equipment he uses in his business.

Ms. Bristol's video journalism students joined CEO for this presentation at Granite City High School. Superintendent Mr. Jim Greenwald dropped by briefly and shared a 2020 census taker job opportunity for students who are 18 years old with wages beginning at $19 an hour.
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Reflection by Jade Heuer:

Thursday we met at the high school and merged with the journalism class to hear from our speaker. Marcus Taylor is 22 years old. He is from a small town in Illinois and comes from a big family. While Marcus was in his second year at McKendree University, he decided to make a decision and drop out to pursue his real passion. He moved back home into his parents basement to pursue his career of film making and photography. Within the last year and a half he has built his brand into this successful business. His company is called “filmeverything”. As a young kid he made little videos and did some things for class in high school. As he moved into this chapter of his life all he had was a Go Pro camera. Marcus told us to seize every opportunity that we have. He put himself out there and started videoing everything, taking pictures, doing many things for free. You have to do a certain amount of free work before your name really gets out there. Now, he works for a company that contracts him out for certain projects. He has been able to travel to New York, LA, and many other well known cities. He has income coming in from his personal business, but also by being contracted out. He even contracts out people for his business. I think this is amazing. It is so crazy how he went from college dropout to a successful business over, all while being only 22 years old. He really showed us that hard work and determination can make any dream come true.

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