B.O.L.D. Conference Reflection by Ryan Boschert:

Thursday we went to Macoupin county CEO class event with renowned speaker Eric Thomas. It was a great day; we got to hear three different speakers. Cheryl Mitchell spoke to us about leadership. She remembers working on her dad’s farm and teaching the high school boys in her class, that worked there in the summer, what to do. While also taking care of her own responsibilities, she takes care of, on a daily basis, cooking lunch and dinner. For a younger person managing other people while doing other tasks was a hard job.

The other speaker Jim Allen also talked about leadership and success. What your willing to do to reach that goal is all dependent on how hard you’re willing to put in the work. He faced many hardships when he was a kid from his physical features to his family problems but never let that stop him. So he moved away and began making a successful life of his own. Which this speaks to me because I want to make my own legacy and my own mark on the world. No matter what anyone says or wants. I’m still gonna stay the same person and do everything to the best of my ability.

After that we had a great lunch at the cafeteria. Then walked back to where we started to hear Eric Thomas,which honestly blew me away. My favorite message from him was live the “American Dream.” Take your skills and don’t be afraid to go for things because in the end you can always go back to where you came from, if you fail. Life is too short not to try things and live a great life. He also talked about making an impact so future generations can follow your footsteps and be successful if not more. We need to show future generations it’s not good to settle for normal. It's not its only good once you strive to the best of your abilities. He is doing just that, through his motivation, he challenged me to not be afraid to go for it and be the best I can be. If I don’t try, I will never know what is possible.
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