The focus of CEO this week was business plans and financial projections. Students continued to improve and add content to their business plans in preparation for our Banker Day on March 14. The cash flow statement was detailed and a template was shared with the class. Students were also challenged with some group activities to help learn problem solving and collaboration.

Reflection by Logan Smith:

This week in CEO was a little different than usual but it was very needed. We did not have guests or visits but we were in class working on our business plans. We also each have different problems for instance the thing that is holding me back is not having a logo. Without a logo I cannot promote my business identity. I have been working on my business plan and logo along with the product I am making. We also did a lot of team building activities. We had to make a tower of cards without talking to each other in teams. Another team building exercise was we had to get in groups of 2 back to back. We had to tie a string around our waist and in between us there was a pencil we had to get the pencil into a glass bottle. I think it is good to get us students to keep throwing unexpected activities at us through our work day to keep us prepared and to make us more comfortable in certain situations. I ordered my logo off of fiverr and I should have it soon to promote my business. I am also looking into what inventory to buy that can help me make an affordable amazing instrument. We have all been working hard and I am preparing for banker day on March 14th to pitch our business plan to bankers.

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