"What is it? What is it worth?" That was the game we played at Jim's Pawn and Jewelry with owner Jim Hudson. Jim passed around his collectibles and asked CEO students the questions. Jim shared with students many historic and unique coins, guns, watches, and other items. It was very difficult to guess the value of the items. Jim provides customers the opportunity to sell their goods or pawn them. He charges 10% interest for the pawned items. Jim opened his pawn shop in 1990 after working gun shows and learning the business from others. Jim also buys, sells and repairs jewelry. Thank you, Jim Hudson, for sharing your morning with CEO students.

Reflection by Toby Jones:

Thursday we were at Jim's Pawn Shop. Jim and his dog, Onyx, greeted us that morning in his store. He had us play a game called “what is it and what's it worth?” He had cool things such as a tiny 1911 pistol that was real and “not loaded” and was the only one in the world. Jim enjoys coins as they are worth a lot depending on the coin. He showed us his vault and the door weighs more than a car. the vault door broke a guys arm as he was not thinking about what he was doing and the door crushed his arm. He had lots of guitars, coins, guns, jewelry and other odds and ins.

Reflection by Logan Smith:

Thursday we went to Jim’s Pawn Shop and met with Jim Hudson and his wonderful dog Onyx. It was one of the coolest visits because it had anything you could think of. I was mostly looking at guitars. We did a how much is it worth game, which I was able to see a Gibson ES1 which I am still looking into and a M1911 that can fit in the palm of your hand. The coolest was a priceless rare five dollar bill specific to Granite City, Illinois. It was an amazing experience and made me proud that we were in Granite City.

Reflection by Jade Heuer:

Thursday we spent the day at Jim’s Pawn Shop. This was a fascinating day. We got to look around at everything. We played a game of “what is it, and how much is it worth?” We went through, item through item to figure out what things were. We did not really guess many right, but all I can say is that Jim has so much money in the items he has. The biggest takeaway that I got that was to buy gold. The paper dollar will always be worth less than it actually is. But gold will gain more worth, the older it gets. Investing in certain gold coins could be very beneficial. We got to go into the vault and explore. Jim pawns things, so everything that is on the line for pawn is held in the vault. He makes quite a bit of money off of pawning things. I would love to go back and visit again to see more and more things that he has. This is a hidden gem in our town.

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