Our CEO Banker Day was a success because students appreciated the feedback they received from our bankers. Students talked about their start up business one on one with the bankers and answered questions about their business and their business plans. Students were confident and passionate about their business. The bankers attending our CEO Banker Day were:

Jamie Hoge, First Bank
Jeff Whitaker, 1st MidAmerica Credit Union
Jennifer Miller, TheBANK of Edwardsville
Amanda Bauchmann, US Bank

Thank you to our bankers for your expertise and sharing your morning with CEO students. CEO extends a special thank you to Chestnut Health Systems for hosting CEO and our Banker Day.
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Reflection by Brooke Meyer:

Thursday; the big day for all of us, the day that I was dreading. I was so scared to talk to those bankers, who were higher up people, who knew what they were doing, and I didn’t. When I woke up Thursday morning I felt good, I knew I was going to do great! I get into the training hall at Chestnut and I see the bankers and one of them, Jeff Whitaker, walked with me so I was instantly comfortable and it felt just like a normal day. I sit down and when one of the bankers asks me “Tell me about your business” and I just lose myself talking passionately about my lip scrub business. I was so excited to talk to the other bankers about my business because one of the bankers seemed so intrigued. All the bankers, including my mentor, Jamie Hoge, gave my classmates and me amazing advice and tips. They we so kind and I could tell they were glad they were there to help us.

I was nervous that my business plan was not good enough but each banker I talked to, said it looked great and I have a unique and awesome business! It motivated me even more. Jamie told me that she saw the passion in my words in my business plan. I loved how she saw that because I knew it was there, and I didn’t have to necessarily explain to her how much lip scrubs mean to me no matter how much I procrastinate, I have a drive for it. My favorite part of the day was simply just talking to everybody and having conversations that I didn’t have to push or try to keep. I genuinely wanted to talk and create conversation when some days I don’t want to do anything, banker day was different. It was truly an experience.

Reflection by Logan Smith:

This week in CEO was mostly in preparation for Banker day. Monday we were getting used to our new host business Chestnut Health Systems. I really like the environment of their office spaces. The other days in CEO was us finishing business plans. It was a lot of hard work. I spent most of my time outside of school working on school work. It was also very stressful knowing that our business plans would be judged and it was a rush to finish them.

When Thursday came around I was not too nervous. I had gotten everything done and it was time to meet with some bankers. I only met 2 bankers about my business plan due to time constraints. The advice they gave me really helped me. It was very positive and everything worked out really well. I met with bankers Amanda Bauchman from US Bank and Jeff Whitaker from 1st Mid America Credit Union. There was a lot of interest in my business Gust Guitars. They also enjoyed how my financial sheets had research behind them as well as my industry report. It was a fun day and very productive.

On Friday, the half day, we looked for locations in the gym for where each of us will be for the CEO Trade show April 23rd. We also sent thank you emails to all the bankers that helped with banker day.

Reflection by Jade Heuer:

I woke up extra early on Thursday to finish my business plan and print it. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off until I picked up Joey. I thankfully found my business plan plastic holder. When we got to Chestnut we were greeted by four bankers. Jaime Hoge was one of them. I only got to talk to Jennifer and Amanda. Jennifer and I spoke for about 40 minutes. She loved my business idea. Her biggest tip for me was to stay on top of my numbers. She also mentioned to log how long I went shopping for, how many items I got for the money, and how long it takes to post and sell. I never really took into consideration the whole process of my business. That put things into perspective for me. When I talked to Amanda, she talked to me about cleaning up my business plan a little. She said adding titles above each paragraph would help break down what I was talking about. I agreed and I plan to do that. I loved all of the help I received on banker day. It would have been nice to talk to everyone, but we simply did not have time. I am thankful for this experience. Hopefully, in the future, if I ever need to present my business plan to someone this day will have helped.

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