Reflection written by Jade Heuer:

Mayco Industries was our only business visit this week. Mayco is a lead production plant that began in the 1800s. The business is currently owned by a group of investors in Chicago. There is two locations of Mayco: Granite City and Alabama. Mayco obtains scrap lead from anywhere and everywhere, then they melt it down and filter out all of the impurities. Then they use that lead to make bullet pellets. At the moment, they are making the shots for the US Olympic team. I think that is so cool! No one under 21 can work at Mayco because of the lead toxins. The company does blood testing every 2 months. Mayco has a very good reputation. Their average of blood levels are e15 micrograms. That is fantastic. Steve Arnold had a long route to get to where he is now, but he is the general manager of Mayco. That just goes to show that you can plan your future all you want but most times it does not turn out that way.

We then suited up in a long smock, hard helmet, classes, and booties around our shoes and took a tour. We got to see the cauldrons from afar of what they look like. We also saw some guys working on a certain thing. Steve helped us all hold this really heavy piece of lead.The last place we visited was where they make the pellets. We walked up a couple floors and saw where they drop the pellets from. This was cool because we could see and touch the imperfect ones. When we got back down, they gave us a little bag to hold the pellets for shot. This visit was really interesting. I did not know this was in our city. I still cannot get over how they are making the Olympic shots.

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