Friday was our visit to Air Products. Air products provides gaseous and liquid chemicals for businesses like the steel mill all the way to ice cream companies. They separated the components in the air to create Hydrogen, Argon, and liquid Nitrogen. The amazing thing to me was that an operation as big as theirs only has 13 employees altogether. They are the most profitable company in their market and have facilities throughout many different parts of the world. They were very nice to teach us about their business and even made us ice cream with liquid nitrogen! Despite thinking that it would be weird to eat it, It was some of the best homemade ice cream I have ever had. Every time I think we have seen it all, the next business we go to will impress me even more. I have taken a lot of notes throughout the year and hope to use them in my future job/ business endeavors.

written by Logan Smith

Friday we visited Air Products. This is a 13 people running business. Luke Charpentier is the site manager. He served in the Navy while working on nuclear power training. Austin Rater is the site supervisor. Air Products makes oxygen and transfers it through gas and liquid. One of the biggest customers from Air Products is the Steel Mill. They have a pipe running from Air Products to the Steel Mill. The reason the oxygen is needed at the Steel Mill is that it creates a bigger fire to heat the steel up with. Also, another big company that Air Products sells to is Dip'n Dots. They ship anywhere from 8-12 trucks full of liquid nitrogen to that company a day. THAT IS SO COOL! There are only two other companies in this type of business. As of now, Air Products is in first place. In total, there are 16,000 employees over 50+ countries. They have 8.9 billion in sales. I cannot even believe this industry is in our town. That is amazing. And they only have 13 employees! We then took a tour and looked at all of the chambers that hold the gases. At the end they made us ice cream with liquid nitrogen. That was the best part of all.

written by Jade Heuer

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