CEO students welcomed a quick tour of the industrial technology departments at Southwestern Illinois College on Friday morning during Manufacturing Day. Students were led on a tour of many programs and departments including mechanical, hydraulics, precision machining, networking and cyber security, aviation maintenance, programming logic controls, industrial electricity, welding, robotics, and HVAC. Students listened to the kickoff of Manufacturing Day speakers and were impressed with all the available programs and certifications offered at Southwestern Illinois College.

Thank you, Brad Sparks, for another great morning at Southwestern Illinois College's Manufacturing Day.

Reflection by Andrew Schmidt
Manufacturing day at S.W.I.C was really fun. I was upset that we didn’t get to stay and have a longer tour of everything they had to offer because I felt rushed and I couldn’t think of questions because of that reason. My favorite part about the whole day is seeing the aviation program. I have big dreams of becoming an aviation mechanic so to hear the expert talk was really exciting to me and to see all of the planes they have there was so cool. I really wanted to stay there all day and just look at everything that they had in that room.

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