Dear Andrea,

Thank you for the pictures and your amazing story from your graduation party. Mr. Greenwald and I were privileged to be invited, and the moment we walked in, we could tell the ambiance and atmosphere was filled with your grace and unique talents. Only you could make a business profit during a celebration of your graduation. You even had cookies designed like your Gibb-ies business cards. That is vintage Andrea Gibson, always working and multi-tasking, no matter what the situation. Your statement of your own CEO mini trade show is truly you. Your Gibb-ies bottom line continues to increase, by $160 from your graduation celebration. Your party was a small example of your pure ability as a true entrepreneur, always seizing the moment for additional sales.

Congratulations Andrea Gibson! Class of 2020! We wish you continued success at Lee University!

Karen and Jim Greenwald

Gibb-ies Calvary Life Church Granite City High School Granite City School District 9

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