On Thursday, we spoke to Mrs. Lacy Able and Mr. Taylor Brewer, who both work at different branches of GCS Credit Union. We learned about their positions and what they do at GCS Credit Union. We also learned about GCS Union and what they do and how their company is run.

We spoke about credit and what it is. We learned a lot about credit that will help us in the future. We spoke about the do’s and don'ts. Do, pay all bills on time because some will affect your credit score. Don’t, put an amount on your credit card unless you could also pay it with your debit card.

Another topic we talked about was creating a budget. This will help us greatly, not only with our business but in our future in general. We learned that when on a budget, you don’t have to deprive yourself of things, only restrict. Another piece of advice was to save up 6 months worth of your monthly expenses as a cushion in case of unexpected circumstances.

At the end of our meet, we played a game of Kahoot to review what we previously spoke about. This really helped us retain the information in a fun way. We loved speaking with Mrs. Able and Mr. Brewer and we hope to speak with them again in the future.

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