Faith Brown

About Me

Hi my name’s Faith Brown and this is the time I… joined CEO. I first thought about joining CEO when I was a Sophomore, but at that time I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. When kids in the past programs would talk to us about joining, I always liked the fact that they were able to experience the real world of business, whether that was having a guest speaker or going on a business trip. I feel as if I learn more in this class by listening to great speakers and being treated like an adult rather than sitting in a school classroom all day.

Besides being in the CEO class, I’m in Student Council and National Honor Society at the Granite City High School. I’ve also been a part of my school’s sideline and competitive varsity cheerleading since my freshman year. I am in Secondary Honors, so this means that I take all accelerated classes. Outside of school I work two jobs. One of them being that I teach little kids gymnastics and tumbling at a small recreation center in town, and the other is at a tanning salon. I really like both jobs because they’re so different from each other. One day I might be having a conversation with a five year old while the other I’m having conversations with adults.

After high school I plan on attending Maryville University where I can continue my passion for cheer on their STUNT team, which is different from being a cheerleader, but it still involves all the same work ethic. Maryville University has a wonderful chiropractic program, which is what I want to major in, that is associated with Logan University; a chiropractic school.






DISC Characteristics

  • I am usually very supportive of decisions made by others on the team.
  • I tend to meet new people in a confident and appropriate manner.
  • I am an excellent team player.
  • I am flexible enough to work with or without a lot of structure or order.