Austin Hoskins

About Me

Austin's greatest interest and passion is skateboarding, and that's what brought him to join the CEO program."I want to involve skateboarding in my whole life and if I can't make it as a professionaI skateboarder, then it's most definitely possible to own my very own skateboard company. As soon as I heard about this class I knew it was for me, and it has exceeded aII my expectations. Now, I know my dream can be achieved and that's because of our facilitator Mrs. Karen Greenwald and the people who invested in this program and me." Austin's busi­ness is "Skate Guilty," where you can purchase skateboarding apparel, starting with specialty shirts. He plans to expand his business to include other clothes and skateboards. After high school Austin wiII attend Southwestern Illinois College for two years and then pursue a degree in entrepreneurship at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.