Gregory Nienhaus

About Me

Gregory Nienhaus Jr. is passionate about electrical advancements and is extremely thrilled about the CEO program, what it is and what he is currently accomplishing. He enjoys working with computers and all electronics. Greg plans on becoming an electrical engineer for his career. His long term goal is to run a research company based on ad­vancements in electricity. "The CEO class has personally been the best class I have taken so far in my life. I am extremely honored that I was able to participate in this wonderful program. The skills from CEO will be remembered by myself and my classmates for our entire lives.'' Greg is developing a business called Cortex Computer Assistance with fellow CEO student Jacob Shemwell. Said company is based around helping older genera­tions learn how to effectively use their electronic devices, anywhere from cell phones to a desktop PC. This business venture will help bridge a significant gap in the technology world.

About My Business