Lucas Batson

About Me

Lucas Batson established his own lawn care business when he was 16, and it has con­tinued to grow each year. When he was 17, he started working as a tech for the well-known local band Dr. Zhivegas. This job excites him because he works among musicians and rein­forces his passion for the music world. Lucas saw a huge opportunity in the CEO Program: to expand his existing company and develop his new business, Encore Guitars. "I knew this program would provide the tools I needed to jump start my new business and strengthen my knowledge of the business world. This new direction is allowing me to pursue my dream of taking the best of every guitar ever played and reconstruct them into a new guitar that is distinctively unique to this industry." As for Lucas's future, he will leave for the Navy on September 7, to fulfill his other passion of flying planes and defending our country.

About My Business