Desteny James

About Me

Desteny James’ business is Key Inspiration, an art center for young children and teenagers to freely express themselves artistically. Desteny’s passion for art has been longstanding, occurring to her in seventh grade to develop a business. She’s longed to be an artist since grade school, but never wanted to be a starving artist so she created a remedy to that problem. Her hobbies include art, writing, reading, camping, and watching movies.

She is a co-founder and Secretary of Warrior Flock, a charter high school chapter of 3 Little Birds 4 Life (a not for profit started by a local teacher to provide wishes for adults with cancer). She is a Christian and faithfully attends and participates in church activities. She plans to major in art and business in college. She had been involved with Job Shadow and was very excited about it. She has won 1st place at her first hackathon event, a team experience to develop a technological solution for a problem. Desteny has completed numerous high school art classes to improve her art talent and prepare for the future.

“I am very excited to be a part of this class and learn real world skills to help me in the future. This class has been a very big opportunity for me and I'm glad I took advantage of this opportunity.”

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