Jamesha McClain

About Me

Jamesha played on the Granite City High School Girls' Tennis Team for two years, and now participates in Varsity Club as a Varsity Club Ambassador. As one of the students in the CEO program who at first thought the class would be a great opportunity, she was dis­couraged to apply because she thought she wouId never be accepted into the class. After being pulled aside by a teacher and convinced to join the program, Jamesha is now proud to have been a student in the class and to have come as far as she has. Her CEO business, "Stuffed," is producing candy-stuffed teddy bears for aII occasions. Once she has complet­ed the CEO program and has graduated from GCHSJamesha plans to intern, work, or volunteer and have fun over the summer. She hopes this will help her figure out what she would like to pursue in college. Jamesha also plans to attend college in the fall at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.