Jamie Briagas

About Me

Jamie is a four-year varsity wrestling manager and office worker; she has also been a stu­dent tutor for three years. She enjoys helping others and traveling the world. Jamie will begin college at Palomar Community College in Oceanside,California. "CEO has opened so many doors for me and I am very grateful. This class provides opportunities that you cannot get in a regular class and it has bettered my viewpoint on life. We have met many entrepreneurs and I can only hope that oneday I wiII be as successfuI as they are. Their compassion, motivation, and drive each and every day is very reassuring. Joining the CEO class was the best decision I have ever made. "Jamie's first product is a cookbook, "All Across the World." In the cookbook one will find recipes for famous dishes and desserts from different coun­tries. Jamie intends to donate her profits to homeless children in Europe.