Jeremiah Leibold

About Me

Having boxed for two years, Jeremiah is now pursuing his dream for professional aesthetic bodybuiIding. The CEO program opened his eyes and showed him the way to make his dream job a reaIity. Jeremiah wilI attend Southwestern Illinois College for two years. He then plans to transfer to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and major in business and minor in kinesiology. Jeremiah's future business goal is to own a two-build­ing gym. One building will include weights with a nutrition supplement section; he is cur­rently an independent distributor with AdvoCare.The other building wiII be a padded area for boot camps, Zumba, mixed martial arts, and other classes that will be beneficial. His class business is "CEPS," Cutting Edge Proteins and Supplements. "It's an amazing feeling to know what I want to do for the rest of my Iife and seeing the steps I'm taking to get there and the people I'm meeting along the way. This class is truly a blessing and  Icouldn't thank the men and women enough who made this program happen and giving me this opportunity."