Cyle Pyles

About Me

Cyle Pyles is no stranger to entrepreneurship. In 7th grade, he profitably made and sold duct tape wallets. Today, Cyle is the owner of Curious Collars, a business that sells different style pet collars that can be customized with colors, gems, and whatever one can imagine. The CEO Program has opened many doors to Cyle and reinforced his belief that it is possible to start a sustainable business as a high school student. Cyle has always been a little shy; participating in the CEO Program has made him more comfortable with meeting new people. College has always been a thought in the back of his mind but now, Cyle plans to attend Southwestern Illinois College and to later transfer to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Because of his passion for the CEO Program, Cyle intends to continue to share his entrepreneurial spirit with his colleagues and future classes.

About My Business