Morgan Tucker

About Me

Morgan Tucker is determined for success. During five long years of a worsening heart condition, she was forced to give up a multitude of activities she enjoyed such as cheerleading, horseback riding, and even her dreams of being a dentist in the Air Force. “When the doctor told me he was unable to repair my heart, I became very depressed. Then I realized how to open the door to greater opportunities.” Morgan set her standards high and has been accepted into Quincy University to study Pre-Med for Anesthesiology. Morgan aspires to make hearts healthy with her business, MJ TEAS, water and tea flavorings made from antioxidant- packed fruits. Morgan is very grateful for the CEO program because of the people she’s met. “I was struggling with life and everything in it. Mrs. Greenwald called me when I felt like giving up. She persuaded me to speak on behalf of CEO at City Hall to distract me from my challenges. My mentor, Gail Mueller, has been understanding and gracious with her perspective. She truly has inspired me to know we can overcome the worst. I really appreciate the CEO program and would not change anything.”

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