Scott Schank

About Me

Scott Schank has been in the Secondary Honors Program and is a member of the National Honor Society. In previous years, he was involved in various clubs and activities including tennis, Scholar Bowl, Social Studies Club, and Math Club. He is currently employed at Ravanelli’s restaurant in Collinsville where he works as a dishwasher, a busser, and a host. His hobbies include woodcutting, working out, playing video games, and building things. He is a service-oriented person, and is looking to transform his passion for building computers into a business venture, Tech Wizard Computer Solutions. The CEO class opened his eyes to the business world and brought the once reserved individual out of his shell. “If the CEO class taught me anything, it taught me how to communicate. Before, I was so nervous to talk to people. Now, if I can talk to a millionaire businessman, I can talk to anyone.” After high school Scott’s plans are to join the Air Force and pursue a career in cyber system operations.

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